Gum Lightening – Gum bleaching treatment for dark gums
Most people do not realize the important role good-looking gums play in a dazzling smile. Dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers improve the appearance of patients’ teeth; however, as many of patients know, black or dark gums around the teeth can ruin a smile if left untreated. That’s why DXD Dental Clinic’s innovative gum bleaching treatment for dark gums is so popular with people from Dubai, across the United Arab Emirates, and around the globe. As part of our commitment to excellent gum care, we are one of the few cosmetic dental clinic to offer an effective solution for this embarrassing condition.

Candidates for Gum Bleaching

Unusual or dark gum pigmentation occurs more frequently in people with a genetic link to the Middle East or certain areas of Southern Africa, but can affect people of all races and ethnicities. Though discolored gums may be healthy, they often look very unattractive. Women in particular feel that their black gums are unappealing and the source of their self-consciousness. The ideal candidate for gum bleaching has healthy gums and already practices good oral hygiene, so that only cosmetic concerns need to be addressed. If your gums are swollen or inflamed due to gum disease, We will need to treat the underlying disease before your gum bleaching session. Other factors such as smoking, certain medications like minocycline (commonly used for treatment of acne or periodontal infection), metal-based crowns or restorations, and some systemic diseases also can cause gum discoloration.

Gum Bleaching Benefits

My gum bleaching patients often are amazed that such a simple treatment can make such a significant difference in their lives. Benefits of this treatment include:

  • After a single treatment that takes less than an hour, gum bleaching can remove or reduce the appearance of dark blotches and create pleasant-looking pink gums.
  • For most patients, gum bleaching restores confidence and makes them less self-conscious about their smile.
  • Many patients tell us that after their treatment, they are more pleased with their appearance and feel more attractive.
Gum Lightening or Bleaching in DXD Dental Clinic Dubai
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